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Life To The Max Whanganui have committed, qualified staff that work well as a team, are energetic and creative, and have adapted and changed to the needs of their clients and family/whanau. The staff have their own strengths and skills they bring to the job and these skills are matched to the families. The whole team works with families so they may get the best of every one at Life to the Max. Having both male and female staff members creates positive role modelling for all members of the family.

While Life To The Max was initially established to coordinate services to families, it has now developed into a social work agency providing individual and group work via programmes developed by staff. These programmes are a stepping stone to opening doors for the families to move into more specialist work with trained professionals.  This helps the children/young people and their families/whanau identify the causes of risk which in turn helps break down the barriers which hinder the process of moving forward in life.

All Life To The Max social workers spend many hours working along side their clients, their siblings and their families/whanau and other professionals involved. This includes spending time relationship building, role modelling, organising family activities, running holiday programmes and outings, transporting clients to clinical appointments and various other activities.

Life To The Max works collaboratively with many local community agencies and government departments (including Police, CYFS, Truancy, Ministry of Education, District Health Services – CAMS, AoD, Public Health, schools and other support services). Life To The Max is committed to addressing Family Violence issues in the Whanganui community and is a part of the Violence Intervention Network.

Life to the Max focuses on the positive and challenges the negative