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Our Services

LTTM is a prevention-based programme established on the understanding that to effectively address offending, the whole family/whanau and the community need to be involved in the solution. LTTM identifies key risk factors around the 4 cornerstones of a child/young person’s life -

1) Family

2) Health

3) Education

4) Community/Recreation

LTTM accepts referrals for children/young people with a high predicted risk of future offending and assists them and their family/whanau in taking responsibility for themselves.  This is achieved via intensive interventions and working alongside other professionals involved with the family/whanau.

Life To The Max works with children and young people who may present with family or community risk factors such as alcohol and drug abuse, family violence, anti-social peers, truanting, gang influence and lack of positive role models, to name but a few.

Life To The Max aims to support children and young people and their families/whanau to gain control back in their lives. This is achieved by working alongside the family/whanau and other community professionals.

Life to the Max focuses on the positive and challenges the negative